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Foreign Languages for General and Professional Purposes

Our program

Our program in Foreign Languages for General and Professional Purposes allows you to learn a great variety of languages from scratch or to consolidate and expand language competencies that you already possess.

The initial levels of instruction (usually A1 to B1) deal with the basics of the target language which enable you to tackle everyday situations such as shopping, expressing personal wishes and needs, etc.

On the higher levels (usually B2 to C1) students improve their language skills to an extent that enables them to cope with more diverse and challenging situations in various private and professional settings (e.g. a semester abroad, an internship at international organizations).

Most of our courses cover the four classic areas of language acquisition, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, we offer several other formats that allow you to hone particular skills or to learn new ones. Examples include - but are not limited to - conversation classes, business communication, job application workshops, and creative writing.

Our classes are open to students from other colleges and universities on the condition that there are places available. Fees are 20 EUR (2 contact hours) or 40 EUR (4 contact hours) per course and term for students of Osnabrück University, as well as 80 EUR (2 contact hours) or 110 EUR (4 contact hours) per course and term for all other participants.

Foreign Languages - our courses: Kursangebot - Fremdsprachen für Alltag und Beruf

The following table shows an overview of CEFR levels in relation to our course titles in the area of general and professional language skills.

Course title and CEFR levels
Course title CEFR level
A1/A2 Basic User: beginner and elementary levels
B1/B2.1/B2.2 Independent User: intermediate and upper-intermediate levels
C1 Proficient User: advanced level

Explanatory videos

Before your course starts

You would like to participate in one of our language courses, but still have questions such as: How do I enroll? How much does it cost? Which course is right for me?

Your first days in class

You are participating in one of our language courses, but still have questions such as: What happens next? Which exams will I have to take and how do I register for them? Who can I talk to if I have problems with my course?

After your course

Your language course is over, but you still have questions such as: When will I know my grade? How do I receive credit for this course? What do I do next term?

Registering for Exams

You would like to register for your language course exam on HISinOne? This video shows you how it's done!

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