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Registration for Foreign Language Courses

Please register for our Foreign Language Courses (except German as a Foreign Language) on StudIP, between 19 October 2022 (12 noon) and 25 October 2022 (12 noon). This does NOT apply to the courses "Englisch für das Studium".
For these courses a registration on Stud.IP within the stipulated registration period is sufficient.

Read more (English below) (PDF, 568 kB)

Find all available courses here

Before your course starts

You would like to participate in one of our language courses, but still have questions such as: How do I enroll? How much does it cost? Which course is right for me?

Placement test for German as a Foreign Language

The placement test for full-time students is on 12. October 2022. You do not need to register.

More information (English below) (PDF, 568 kB)

FAQ German as a foreign language (PDF, 611 kB)

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