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Refugees at Osnabrück University

Registration Open for Welcome@UOS!

Registrations for the Welcome@UOS tandem project have opened! If you're planning on studying at Osnabrück University, or if you'd like to support refugee students new to Osnabrück University, follow the link to find out more about the project.

To the Welcome@UOS project

Studying in Osnabrück as a Refugee

You are a refugee living in Germany and are planning to study at Osnabrück University, or have already started your studies? This is the site for you! You will find detailed information concerning admission requirements, application processes, orientation, finances, university services, and more. Choose the subject you're interested in below.

Informationen for Refugees

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Ways into the University

You're interested in studying? Find all information concerning requirements, application, and study preparation here.

Services and projects

You're interested in extracurricular services and projects offered at Osnabrück University?

University contacts

You have questions concerning your studies and aren't sure whom to contact?

Financing your studies

You want to study in Osnabrück but aren't sure how to finance your studies?