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Notification of Admission

If your application is successful, you will receive notification of admission from Osnabrück University ("admission letter"). This entitles you to a study place at the university.

You must then confirm that you plan to accept the place. Please return the "Declaration of acceptance" (Annahmeerklärung) on time, which you will receive along with your notification of admission. Your place will be given to someone else, under certain circumstances, if you do not answer promptly.

Exchange students from partner universities as well as students in the short-term study program do not have to send a declaration of acceptance.

Your notification of admission will tell you

  • to which program you have been accepted
  • in which semester (winter or summer) you may begin your studies
  • the deadline for registration at the university ("Immatrikulation")
  • if you must submit additional documents (e.g. language or university certificates)
  • if you must attend the Studienkolleg
  • if you still have to pass the DSH language text (see German Language Skills)

German Language Skills

If you have not yet proven in your application that you have sufficient knowledge of German, you will only be provisionally admitted for the study program at Osnabrück University. In this case you will have to submit the necessary language certificates upon enrollment.

Starting Your Studies

Along with your notification of admission, you will also receive an invitation to  the Welcome Week and Introduction Week.

The International Office organizes the Welcome Week especially for international students.

During the general Introduction Week, which is organised at the beginning of each winter semester, some programs will divide students among tutorials and study groups. This is important, as it will be crucial for your success at the University.

Please apply for your visa early enough to be able to be here for these introductory events.