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"BAföG" Overseas Grants

Students have a chance of receiving overseas “BaföG” grants if they are just above minimum income levels. This is because students can claim a higher cost of living during time spent abroad.

Please note: The BaföG office in Osnabrück is not responsible for applications of this kind. Each German Federal State has its own BaföG office which is responsible for funding students abroad.

In order to receive overseas “BaföG” funding, you should have completed at least two semesters at a German university, have a sufficient level of language proficiency and proof of your intended place of study abroad. Awards are made to the level of the German funding rate (deutsche Fördersatz), a support payment that varies from country to country (only paid out for non-EU countries), a one-off payment to cover travel expenses, the cost of health insurance (where relevant) and study fees up to €5,600.
As a rule, funding is awarded for periods of study of up to one year at a university abroad and in some cases not to the maximum possible amount under this program.