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Mobility Grants for Studies and Traineeships Abroad 2021-2023

Application Deadlines

November 30th (for studies or traineeships abroad in the first half of the following year)

April 30th (for studies or traineeships abroad in the second half of the current year)

The mobility fund has been set up with the generous financial support of the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation, the Sievert Foundation and the University Society of Osnabrück. Students and PhD candidates of Osnabrück University have the possiblity to receive funding for their worldwide studies or traineeships abroad (the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation only funds studies/traineeships within a European context).

Please note: By receiving the mobility grant, the students commit to report on their experiences abroad, if desired or invited to by the Foundations named above or the University Society of Osnabrück.

What can be funded?

  • Stays abroad at a partner university of Osnabrück University for study or research purposes
  • Stays abroad at other universities or research institutes for study or research purposes
  • Traineeships abroad

Primarily, the mobility grants are designed for students and PhD candidates, who are not eligible for receiving funding from another funding institution (e.g. German Academic Exchange Service "DAAD", Fulbright or ERASMUS) or do not receive a tuition fee waiver at partner universites.

What are the selection criteria?

  • the previous academic performance
  • the quality of the planned project and its justification
  • the quality of the letter of recommendation to be submitted
  • any voluntary work completed
  • the language skills of the applicant

An internal selection committee of Osnabrück University will decide on the awarding of mobility grants taking into consideration the quality of the application documents. This committee will also determine the duration and amount of the financial support (lump sum for travel and/or living expenses; likely not a refund for tuition fees). The amount of the mobility grant for the respective countries will be based on the DAAD guidelines of the PROMOS Program.

Who is eligible for applying?

All students and PhD candidates enrolled at Osnabrück University are eligible for applying, including recipients of BaföG support funding.

Students are ineligible for applying if they

  • are taking part in an ERASMUS program or if they are receiving funding from another funding institution (e.g. DAAD, Fulbright, foundations)
  • are receiving funding (e.g. ERASMUS, DAAD, IAESTE, AIESEC) for a traineeship abroad.

What application documents have to be submitted?

  • Online Application
  • Application Form
  • One letter of motivation incl. your reasons for your choice of university or traineeship (informal)
  • Curriculum Vitae (without gaps, in tabular or full-text form) 
  • Letter of recommendation from a university professor or lecturer (informal letter). The professor or lecturer responsible for writing the letter should send it directly to the International Office by internal mail or by email.
  • Statement of language proficiency* (DAAD language certificate, TOEFL)
  • Proof of courses already taken (overview of grades, Transcript of Records, Bachelor certificate, intermediate diploma/examination (Vordiplom/Zwischenprüfung) certificate or similar qualifications 
  • Confirmation of admission by the host university or offer of a traineeship place at the target company

*For the mobility grants, the following students are exempted from submitting a language certificate:

  1. Students studying “Cognitive Science” (only when English is the language of tuition or company language during the stay abroad).
  2. Students of a modern foreign language (only when the language being studied is the language of tuition or company language during the stay abroad).

You should submit a single copy of the application paperwork to:

Beate Teutloff

Tel.: +49 541 969-4126
Fax: +49 541 969-4495

Office: 19/E08
International Office
Neuer Graben 27
49074 Osnabrück

Consultation hours:
Phone consultation: Mon 2-3.30pm, Tue 10-12am | Online consultation: Wed 2-3.30 pm, Thu 10-12am