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P4: Mathematical Structures and Models


Video profile line 4: Mathematical Structures and Models. YouTube-Channel Osnabrueck University


Prof. Dr. Matthias Reitzner
Institute of mathematics

Prof. Dr. Markus Chimani
Institute of computer science

Mathematical models arise in many scientific areas. While core mathematicians investigate complex mathematical structures and models on a fundamental level, scientists from other fields, who model and apply abstract structures, also need an in-depth understanding of the related mathematical models.

The profile "Mathematical Structures and Models" ties scientists of both these groups together. The profile consists of roughly 30 professors from mathematics, computer science, didactics of maths and CS, geoinformatics, cognitive science, econometrics, statistics, environmental systems research, and physics. The following is for example part of our profile:

  • DFG research training group Combinatorial Structures in Geometry (2013-2018)
  • special interest groups "Graphs and Networks" and "Statistics"
  • didactics of mathematics, as a nexus for integration and coordination in research and teaching of interdisciplinary teacher education
  • participation in priority programmes and collaborative research centres of the German Research Fund (DFG-SPP und DFG-SFB)
  • several projects by groups and individuals, as well as the organization of high-class international conferences
  • and starting October 2017 the profile-funded research training group Graphs and Networks. Together, we strengthen the existing ties between the institutes of computer science and mathematics via cooperative PhD topics. For example, we consider communication networks, where the physical movement of the participants, their data traffic, and the network's topological structure is described as a stochastic model.