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The Osnabrueck research team, headed by Prof. Dr. Gordon Pipa and Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger (from left), is using their new intelligent system »Watson« for predicting flu epidemics based on Twitter data. Photo: University Osnabrück/Uwe Lewandowski

Predicting flu epidemics with Twitter data

Osnabrueck cognitive scientists and their students are developing new and intelligent expert systems, which help to effectively utilize the flood of daily information in everyday life. To enable working with large amounts of data, they engaged in a cooperation with the global corporation IBM, and will be able to access the IBM computer »Watson« for its research project on computer-aided intelligence.


Summer schools: Osnabrück University enjoys international popularity

This summer, Osnabrück University hosted three international summer schools for the seventh time. A total of 53 students from 18 countries visited the university to attend three-week subject courses.

Information for refugees

Study programs for gest auditors, langauage programs, leisure activities: Osnabrück University has developed a range of offers and initiatives in a bid to offer practical assistance and support for refugees in and around Osnabrück.

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Visiting scholars

The International Office provides Information and advice for international guests, enabling them to optimize their preparations, making their stay in Osnabrück a pleasant experience.

Research profile

One feature of research at Osnabrück University is the linking of different academic disciplines. Four interdisciplinary institutes characterize the University’s research profile.

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Center and the InnovationCentrum Osnabrück promote cooperation between Osnabrück’s academics and industry and offer innovation-friendly working environments.