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Daily updated corona analysis for each German district: reported data (left) and estimation of current real case numbers (nowcast, right).

Corona New Model for District-Based Coronavirus Forecasts

Neuroinformatics scientists at Osnabrück University and data specialists at Forschungszentrum Jülich are releasing new model results daily to forecast COVID-19 infections. The results include estimates updated daily of the reported new infections and a 5-day forecast for every German district, and are available at covid19-bayesian.fz-juelich.de.

Students in pub

Welcome Hub for International Students

We would like to welcome our international students!. In spite of the current restrictions due to the Corona virus, we want to make sure that you will get the utmost support on your way to Osnabrück University. Our special pageWelcome Hub shows information concerning the handling of the pandemia as well as our service and welcoming offer.

Verschieden aussehende Hände halten Welcome-Buchstaben hoch

Become a mentor for students with escape experience

In the winter semester 2020/21, the tandem program "welcome@uos" will enter the next round. The student initiative wants to enable students and guest students with escape experiences to get to know the German university system and to get in contact with other students. For this purpose, experienced students are sought as tandem partners. Registration form

Initiative Troubleshooters

Troubleshooters: "We are still there for you!"

 In the second phase of the Troubleshooters initiative, we present the numerous support and counselling services the Osnabrück University offers for students. Do not hesitate to take up contact!

Campus Innenstadt: Leerer Schloss-Innenhof während der Corona-Krise

Current information about measures against the Corona virus

Based on the current regulations for delaying the spread of the Corona Virus, the university has to make further far-reaching regulations for the university. Detailed information is available on the page Corona virus: Current measures including FAQs about studies and examinations during this situation.

International employees & researchers at Osnabrück University

Osnabrück University offers international employees a tailor-made support service that helps them settle in this relatively small, but lively city and find their way through any initial paperwork. Three of our international researchers take you on a short video trip through the university and the city with its mix of old and new as well as urban culture and nature.

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Bitte Urheber angeben: Bildhintergrund fotolia50139687, Roboterarm iStock-148668893, Montage: Jens Raddatz

AI Campus at Osnabrück University

The AI Campus at Osnabrück University is the result of several years of profile building in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It combines the intensively researched but at the same time application-oriented subjects of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Information Systems and Mathematics research teams.

More about AI Campus & video

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Information for refugees

Study programs for gest auditors, langauage programs, leisure activities: Osnabrück University has developed a range of offers and initiatives in a bid to offer practical assistance and support for refugees in and around Osnabrück.

Visiting scholars

The International Office provides Information and advice for international guests, enabling them to optimize their preparations, making their stay in Osnabrück a pleasant experience.

Research profile

One feature of research at Osnabrück University is the linking of different academic disciplines. Four interdisciplinary institutes characterize the University’s research profile.