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Intensive language course for refugees

The Language Center of Osnabrück University offers an intensive German language course for refugees who would like to study in Germany. The course starts on October 14th. It addresses to participants who already have good basic knowledge (level B1). Applications are accepted until September 16th.

Gentle manipulation -- nudge theory

It can be easier to get people to do what you want not by threatening sanctions but through persuasion. Nudge theory is about influencing decision-making through positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions. It is popular in behavioral economics. On Deutsche Welle Social scientist Dr. Kathrin Loer from Osnabrück University explains, why the salad bar in the Mensa also works according to this principle.

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Ergonomic workstations coming from the cyberspace

The Institute of Cognitive Science from the Osnabrück University, as part of a joint research project, will support the designing process of ergonomically optimized workstations by using virtual reality (VR). Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Peter König, the scientists of the Institute in Osnabrück University plan to develop a novel eye-tracking technology to simulate complex motion sequences in virtual environments.

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International employees & researchers at Osnabrück University

Osnabrück University offers international employees a tailor-made support service that helps them settle in this relatively small, but lively city and find their way through any initial paperwork. Three of our international researchers take you on a short video trip through the university and the city with its mix of old and new as well as urban culture and nature.

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Information for refugees

Study programs for gest auditors, langauage programs, leisure activities: Osnabrück University has developed a range of offers and initiatives in a bid to offer practical assistance and support for refugees in and around Osnabrück.

Visiting scholars

The International Office provides Information and advice for international guests, enabling them to optimize their preparations, making their stay in Osnabrück a pleasant experience.

Research profile

One feature of research at Osnabrück University is the linking of different academic disciplines. Four interdisciplinary institutes characterize the University’s research profile.