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Welcome to Osnabrück University!

Welcome to Osnabrück University!

Osnabrück University, founded in 1974, is a young, vibrant university in northwest Germany that is renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Law and Business Administration/Economics. The University provides ideal conditions for about 14.000 students and PhD students to learn and conduct research.

Come together at the breakfast table: IFT-participant Bettina Veit (left) from Osnabrück with Brandie White from the USA (right). Copyright: Osnabrück University / Malte Paolo Benjamins

International Summer Schools: hosting students from all over the world

The 8th International Summer Schools are currently taking place at Osnabrück University. From July 7 until July 30, twenty-nine selected students are taking part in challenging programmes of the Department of Biology and Chemistry and the Institute for Psychology.

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Simulation of a self-driving car. Copyright: Osnabrueck University

Machines will soon be able to imitate human moral behavior

Self-driving cars are the first generation of robots that share the same everyday habitat with us. It is therefore necessary to develop rules and expectations for autonomous systems that define how these systems should behave in critical situations.

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Photo: Osnabrück University / Elena Scholz

Osnabrueck University enhances its profile - Millions to be invested

Global and national competition, new fields of research, and innovative teaching formats – there are a multitude of challenges facing universities. Against this backdrop, it is essential that Osnabrueck University develops long-term teaching and research strategies.

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Information for refugees

Study programs for gest auditors, langauage programs, leisure activities: Osnabrück University has developed a range of offers and initiatives in a bid to offer practical assistance and support for refugees in and around Osnabrück.

Visiting scholars

The International Office provides Information and advice for international guests, enabling them to optimize their preparations, making their stay in Osnabrück a pleasant experience.

Research profile

One feature of research at Osnabrück University is the linking of different academic disciplines. Four interdisciplinary institutes characterize the University’s research profile.