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Foto: Vincent Leifer

The mentoring program for the doctoral phase is aimed specifically at all female doctoral candidates at Osnabrück University who aspire to a position of responsibility in academia or a  professorship at a university (of applied sciences). Similarly, it is aimed at female doctoral candidates who are in the orientation phase with a view to their professional career after the PhD and want to make an informed decision about their further career path.
The mentoring program for postdocs, junior and tenure track professors is aimed at advanced scientists who aspire to a professorship.
With both programs, Osnabrück University would like to support the career development of scientists who were the first in their family to study.

It is important that participants:
•    are willing to shape the mentoring relationship proactively,
•    are interested in establishing an interdisciplinary scientific network and
•    attend and actively contribute to the framework and seminar program.

More information on the application process.