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Mentoring Program for Postdocs

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The 12-months program is directed at qualified postdocs of all departments of Osnabrueck University who are aiming for a professorship or a responsible position in science. Postdocs who are still in the orientation phase regarding their professional career within or outside fo academia are also adressed. Women as well as first generation academics, i.e. persons whose parents did not study, are especially invited to apply.

The program consists of the components One-to-One Mentoring, Peer Mentoring & Networking, Workshops & Discussion Events as well as Supporting Program & Supervision.

The next program cycle starts in May 2024 (preparatory phase from April 2024). The announcement can be found on this website from October 2023!

Postdocs are high performers in research and teaching while being confronted with diverse requirements, high competition, insecure employment situations und unsure professional perspectives. Moreover, they often find themselves in a period of life characterised by fundamental private decisions and changes. Especially women and first generation academics tend to question a future in science for themselves despite their high potential.

In this context the mentoring program offers individual support in specifying professional perspectives, opportunities for the development of competencies and space for networking, peer support and confidential exchange fo experiences with both professionally more advanced persons (One-to-One Mentoring) and persons on the same qualification level (peer mentoring).

  • institutional relation to Osnabrueck University
  • interest in interdisciplinary exchange, networking and peer support among postdocs of different levels of experience
  • readiness to get actively involved in the mentoring program and the collaboration in the group of mentees and to invest about 1-2 days per month

In the interest of the entire mentee group we consider attendance at the program events important. A binding commitment to attend the preparatory workshop and the kickoff workshop is a requirement for being accepted into the program. The dates will be published here as soon as the application phase starts.

Applications consist or a written application and an interview with the program committee. More information on the application can be found on this website from October 2023.

Information will be added shortly

Applications in English are welcome. However, while the One-to-One Mentoring can be held in English, the other elements of the program are held in German. Therefore, sufficient German language skills to allow active participation are required.

One-to-One Mentoring

Based on the mentees' wishes, experienced persons in management positions are acquired as mentors. The tandems determine content and framework conditions of their collaboration. Possible topics are for example career planning, informal rules of the game in academia and work-life-balance.

Peer Mentoring & Networking

Peer Mentoring is a regular, self-organised exchange among the mentee group. The mutual support regarding current questions and challenges of the postdoc-phase is structured by the method of peer consultation. The program includes an inrtoduction into this method.

In addition informal exchange can take place for example during a regulars' table.

The network evenings allow all mentees to get in touch with both each other and the mentors as well as, if required, additional guests. The topics for the network evenings are chosen by the group according to their interests and needs. The mentees participate in shaping the network evenings.

Workshops and Discussion Events

Workshop with qualified coaches and discussion events with experts and experienced individuals support the career planning process, offer impulses for the development of competencies and open up insights into career relevant topics. Thi includes the critical reflection of inequalities and structural barriers in the science system.

Support Program and Supervision

The support program includes the preparation of the One-to-One Mentoring and the contemplation of the mentees' individual aims at the beginning, midway and at the end of the program. In addition, the peer mentoring process is supported by a supervision. The supervision focuses on considering and shaping the collaboration in the diverse group in a needs-oriented way. The participants thereby strengthen their ability to understand and constructively shape group processes in heterogenous teams.

Project manager Mentoring-Program for Postdocs

Dr. Marie-Kathrin Drauschke

Tel.: +49 541 9694897

Raum: 52/412
Dezernat 7: Hochschulentwicklungsplanung
Neuer Graben 7-9
49074 Osnabrück