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networking activities, Foto: Eva-Maria Tolzmann

Networking activities

The PhD/Postdoc Career Center offers doctoral candidates and postdocs the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary and disciplinary networking. These activities include multidisciplinary seminars, workshops and discussion evenings as well as conferences, colloquia and round tables organized by the PhD/Postdoc Career Center or by the doctoral candidates themselves. In addition, the PhD/Postdoc Career Center supports the networking activities of the Doctoral Students' Council (promos) and the postdoc representatives on the Scientific Advisory Board of the PhD/Postdoc Career Center.

promos - Doctoral Students' Council at Osnabrück University & Fachschaft Promotion

Doctoral students make up one of the largest groups of stakeholders at a university, but they often do not have a unified voice and rarely have the opportunity to connect to fellow students outside of their disciplinary boundaries. This is why the Doctoral Students' Council (promos) was set up to speak for all doctoral students of Osnabrück University, while also providing a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. In our work, we represent the doctoral students of Osnabrück University in university-wide committees and to outside interests. You can find more information at: The Fachschaft Promotion (Doctoral Students' Representative Committee) regularly organises various events to support the networking of doctoral students. These include the Stammtisch (regulars' table) and the Christmas party for doctoral students as well as the Long Night of Unwritten Doctoral Theses. Regarding the topic "Mental Health in Doctoral Studies", the student council has created a series of events with workshops on various focal points. The PhD & Mental Health page provides information on support options and events related to this.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or want to join us and become active in the Doctoral Students' Council and/or the Fachschaft Promotion, please send us an e-mail!

Contact: Sören Schweers, Lara Höttecke, Bernhard Hafer, Niklas Markus

E-Mail promos:
E-Mail Fachschaft Promotion:

Postdoc-representatives at Osnabrück University

The aim of the postdoc representatives in the Scientific Advisory Council of the PhD/ Postdoc Career Center (ZePrOs) is to ensure that the particular interests and needs of the second qualification phase will be adequately considered.
An informal regulars’ table and the study group “Postdocs at Osnabrück University” (Stud.IP) [>StudIP – Community – Study groups – Postdocs at Osnabrück University<] with information and discussion rounds on the improvement of the situation of early career researchers, serve as an interdisciplinary exchange of information and networking among the postdocs of Osnabrück University. We would be delighted about your participation!

Postdoc representative at Osnabrück University: Dr. Mykola Ryzhenkov