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Framework program

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The aim of the framework program is to formalize the mentoring program and to assure its quality. It features the ceremonial kick-off and closing events, as well as workshops to prepare for and take stock of the program.

Preparatory workshop for mentees

The preparatory workshop takes place before the program officially commences. The aim of the preparatory workshop is to familiarize mentees with the mentoring program, to specify their need for consultation and to define goals. Mentees are assisted in selecting their mentors and then proceed to prepare their mentoring relationship. Once these steps have been taken, the university management and leaders of the program recruit mentors for the mentoring program. After agreeing to support the program, mentors are contacted by their mentees. In addition, the preparatory workshop aims to specify the running of the program, to define rules for collaboration within the group of mentees and with the program leaders.

Introductory, interim and final workshop

During the workshops, participants become familiarized with the program, goals are defined, and the mentoring program is jointly reflected upon and evaluated. They also provide an ideal setting for exchanging experience and providing feedback. The meetings take place under professional guidance. Mentors are also asked to provide interim feedback and to evaluate the program.

Ceremonial kick-off and closing event

The framework program is complemented by official kick-off and closing events. The timing of these ceremonial events coincides with the interim workshops. Mentees, mentors and all other interested parties are invited to attend.