Academic Writing: Effective Strategies for Publishing in English (for PhD students and Post-docs)


  • Frank Lauterbach, M.A.


Successful researchers need not only compelling data and ideas, but also the skills to communicate their research most effectively through writing in English. Yet, many academics are unsure about how they can best express themselves, what criteria a well-written English paper needs to fulfill, and how the writing and publication process can be managed most productively.
In this workshop, we will address such fundamental questions. We will, on the one hand, analyze important strategies for developing powerful English sentences, paragraphs, and texts that meet the expectations of readers, reviewers, and editors alike. On the other hand, we are going to discuss ways to effectively plan your writing and to successfully prepare your papers for publication.
In particular, we will cover the following topics: understanding the nature of professional academic writing in English; getting started with writing your text; defining the focus and purpose of a research paper; developing adequate outlines for paper introductions; recognizing the overall organization and coherence of research papers; structuring the individual sections of a paper; creating informative and attractive abstracts; drafting well-focused paragraphs; writing clear and concise sentences in English; connecting sentences and linking ideas to make a text flow well; applying the stylistic conventions of academic writing; overcoming potential obstacles or anxieties during various phases of writing; mastering the submission, review, and publication process.

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