Leadership and Communication: Formulating expectations, motivating and giving feedback
WiSe 2021/22
Online workshop
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Termine am Donnerstag. 25.11.21 09:00 - 17:00
Erster Termin:Do., 25.11.2021 09:00 - 17:00
Lecturer: Dr. Debbie Coetzee-Lachmann, Smart Communication – Training and Consulting, Osnabrück
has more than twenty years’ experience in teaching business and academic English to students and professionals in South Africa, Belgium and Germany. As language and communication trainer and consultant, her work focuses on the challenges we face in terms of our communication and interaction in multicultural and multilingual academic and professional settings.

Leadership positions require those who hold them to apply a number of specialised communication strategies that motivate performance and build team spirit. Formulating expectations, motivating and giving feedback are three tasks that are central to leaders’ use of language. Managing these tasks successfully requires a clear vision – both in terms of where a team should go and how one plans on guiding them there as a leader.

They also require:
• communication strategies that involve tact and that promote a sense of safety and trust,
• skillful interpretation of verbal and non-verbal communication and
• the precise use of language forms that are typical for these tasks.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to get insight into your personal view of leadership and the ways in which you prefer to lead. It also introduces a number of helpful frameworks that can be applied in analysing communication situations in which there are asymmetrical power relations.
Finally, participants will be given words and phrases they can use in formulating expectations, motivating team members and giving feedback and will apply these in the context of tasks based on authentic communication situations that often occur between leaders and team members in academic settings.

Please note: Participants should have at least a higher intermediate competence level in English.
Doctoral candidates and postdocs. Participants should have at least a higher intermediate competence level in English.
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