Turning your PhD into career
SoSe 2024
Online workshop
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Termine am Donnerstag, 13.06.2024 09:00 - 17:00
Erster Termin:Donnerstag, 13.06.2024 09:00 - 17:00, Ort: (Online)
Lecturer: Dr. Christine Kohistani, SAMINWORLD, Düsseldorf
is an advisor, trainer, coach (DGfC) and founder of SAMINWORLD; a company specialized on learning and dialogue processes of people and organizations in Science, Economy and Academic Development Cooperation. She has a long-standing working experience in industry and scientific project management. She works as an advisor for collaboration in Higher Education and Development Cooperation in Afghanistan. She conducts Coaching and Training for universities, scientific institutions and companies.

Working and conducting research in academia offer a lot of opportunities for networking and career planning. Having these opportunities, doctoral students should be able to transform them into vital networks and career possibilities, no matter if inside or outside of academia.

Rising the awareness for own competencies, skills and roles is a profound basis to build on own achievements for further career developments. In vivid and international working environments, providing a clear self-image and a professional skills profile is a door-opener for future collaboration opportunities. Researchers need to be familiar with their skills, should know how to establish their own brand with self-marketing and develop a strategic view on the career landscape to be successful.

In this workshop participants will learn the rules of self-marketing, start to develop a first draft of an own skills’ profile as a basis for their individual career planning and learn to adjust their individual career profiles according to employers interests.

• My PhD - my career development plan
• Motivations, needs and work-life-balance in career planning
• Skills required inside and outside of academia
• Skills Audit - development of a skills profile
• Self-marketing - making achievements visible
• Insights in employment policies
Doctoral candidates
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